Licensure Boards

In 2018, Alabama passed the Military Family Jobs Opportunity Act, requiring most occupational licensure boards* to provide temporary or permanent licenses to military spouses transferring to the State of Alabama. It also requires the boards to waive any initial licensing fees. Alabama is a member state of the Enhanced Nursing and Emergency Medical Services Licensure Compacts and works in partnership with the Military Spouse JD Network.

*The 2018 law does not apply to license or registration issued by the Securities Commission,the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy, Board of Dental Examiners, State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Alabama Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, and State Board of Medical Examiners.

Follow the steps below to find your industry's board contact information and begin the process of moving your career to Alabama.

  1. Use the Search Box or scroll through the Licensure Boards below to find your industry that you are seeking licensure and credentialing for.
  2. Click the associated email address to directly contact your Board's listed point of contact.
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  4. Follow the prompts to access the needed application.

Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board of

Tammy S. Cargile

8100 Seaton Place, Suite A
Montgomery, AL 36116

(334) 395-5112