Joint Effort

The Alabama Military Stability Foundation (ALMSF), Alabama Military Family Liaison (ALMFL), and the Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN), in a joint effort, recently launched a first-in-the-nation experience for Alabama’s military spouse community called the Alabama Mentorship-HUB (AL-HUB).

  • The AL-HUB is a dedicated virtual community that informs and inspires military spouses who currently live in Alabama, or whose service member receives orders to a Department of Defense Installation in Alabama.

MSAN, the ALMSF, and the ALMFL worked diligently to create this unique statewide Mentorship-HUB, connecting military spouses to leadership and development resources designed to establish future leaders throughout Alabama’s military communities. These resources include a variety of free programming for military families with a special focus on military spouse peer-to-peer connections and mentorship.

MSAN’s flagship programs and areas of focus include:

  • Peer-to-Peer Mentorship
  • Military Spouse Leadership Development Program
  • Virtual Education & Resource Center
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Career & Employment
  • Education
  • New Military Spouses
  • Financial Readiness
  • Deployment & Reintegration

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By Military Spouses, For Military Spouses

The MSAN-Heroes Welcome Initiative partnership is brought to you by military spouses, for military spouses.

  • MSAN was founded by a military spouse, Verenice Castillo, and is a military-spouse-led organization at every level.
  • Alabama’s Heroes Welcome Initiative is led by a military spouse, Jen Holliday, in the position of the Alabama Military Family Liaison.
  • All resources on the Heroes Welcome Initiative website and inside the AL-HUB are vetted by military spouses.
  • Not only does the Alabama Mentorship-HUB provide quick, 24/7 access to the above, but MSAN mentors who volunteer in the HUB are trained military spouses who share indispensable, first-hand information related to Alabama, its military installations, and its defense communities.
    • This peer mentorship nurtures a sense of community and belonging.
What Our Leaders are Saying

“We are so excited this collaboration brings a dedicated Mentorship-HUB experience to military spouses of all branches, where they’ll have access to peer-to-peer mentorship every day. They’ll also have the chance to tap into existing programs and resources in their local and state communities. We’re thrilled to announce that the HUB provides National Guard and Reserve families the support they need and deserve, even if they’re not located close to an Installation. Military families living in Alabama or who are headed to the state no longer have to struggle to find relevant resources or a community of support.”

Verenice Castillo, MSAN Founder, CEO & President

“By implementing projects like the Heroes Welcome Initiative and the Alabama Mentorship-HUB, we are working hard to make Alabama the nation’s friendliest and most welcoming state for active military members, Veterans, and their dependents. Bringing MSAN to Alabama allows us to pair newly arrived military spouses with local peers who can help them become part of the community and begin a new chapter of their lives in our state. We can help ease their transition by offering military families some of Alabama’s famous southern hospitality.”

Will Ainsworth, Alabama Lieutenant Governor
Alabama Military Family Liaison applauds Alabama and the AL-HUB:

“I am so proud of Alabama for being the first state in the Nation to implement this unique, statewide network for military spouses to connect and seek mentorship. The ability to meet fellow military spouses before you PCS to a new defense community is a huge advantage, helping to relieve both stress and anxiety. In the past, this could only be done through mutual friends or social media. Now, with MSAN’s help, we are able to offer a safe and secure, ad-free platform, away from the noise of social media, where our spouses can learn about Alabama from each other and through our curated resources, build relationships, and ease their transition to their new duty station. I look forward to connecting with everyone inside the HUB!”

Jen Holliday

MSAN, the ALMSF, and the ALMFL recognize the privilege and opportunity to serve all military spouses, including National Guard and Reserve families who previously haven’t experienced this type of support. Together, we are excited to bring all military spouses aboard the Alabama Mentorship-HUB, so they can take advantage of full-time support and curated programming.


Origins of the Alabama Mentorship-HUB

The Alabama Mentorship-HUB was born from the overwhelming success of MSAN’s original military spouse HUB, which currently serves thousands of past and present military spouses. With the addition of the Alabama Mentorship-HUB, MSAN and the ALMSF intend to serve tens of thousands more, with the added benefit of tailored resources that fit their lifestyle in Alabama.

About Military Spouse Advocacy Network

Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to create stronger military families through education, empowerment, and support. MSAN’s Military Spouse Mentorship-HUB helps bridge military families from every branch of the Armed Forces and their surrounding communities in locations around the world through a Virtual Education and Resource Center, New Military Spouse Support Program, and Leadership Development Program. MSAN’s collaborations with official military installations, Department of Defense (DoD) resources, and trusted partner organizations provide a structured and personal approach through a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer mentorship experience, building long-term connections to local and national resources expanding the military family sense of community. MSAN strives to improve morale and military retention, increased utilization of resources, and ongoing investment in the communities our leaders serve. For more information on MSAN and its programs, visit Follow MSAN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

About the Alabama Military Stability Foundation

The Alabama Military Stability Foundation is the operational arm of the Alabama Military Stability Commission. The Foundation is a private, non-profit organization, which was incorporated in September 2011. The Foundation works directly with the Alabama Military Stability Commission, which is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth, supporting Alabama-assigned DOD installations and the communities that surround them. The Foundation and Commission develop and implement measures to retain and strengthen Alabama’s military assets and infrastructure and to assist in preparations for any impending Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) or similar processes. The Foundation is led by a 6-member Board of Directors, which are representative of areas of heavy defense concentration in the State. Ron Boyd currently serves as Chair of the Board for the Military Stability Foundation.